1 STEP COLOUR Cream Bleach

Quick, powerful and Eco-friendly, it replaces bleaching powder, protects the hair, bleaches whilst retaining as much moisture as possible and is safer and healthier for the hairdresser. The mineral oils that are combined with the bleaching agent ensure beautiful lightening and highlights even on delicate hair. The product is far more gentle on the hair than traditional powder bleach.

1StepColour Tone-Up

1StepColour Tone-Up is a stabilised developer containing special blue/violet pigments that are activated when mixing the developer with alkaline bleaching substances. It is available in 20vol & 30vol. With its viscous creamy consistency, it can be mixed with any 1StepColour bleaching cream range counteract to prevent unwanted golden/orange tones and to obtain pure cool blonds in one step.


This unique product allows you to lift UP TO 7 LEVELS and deposit a tone in one easy step. The predominant pigment are ideal for neutralising unwanted tone including yellow/orange

overtones. Removes chemical pigments (polymers) from the hair “pre-coloured hair tint”. Removes natural pigments (melanin) from the hair. Deposits pigments from our 1 STEP COLOUR range.

1 STEP Paste Bleach Plex

Quick, powerful and Eco-friendly, Bleaching paste with ß-D-Fructose Oligosaccharides. It does not dry out or inflate. Suitable for any off scalp bleaching techniques (DO NOT RECOMMED ON SCALP), this conditioning shine-inducing formula will prevent the hair from feeling dry or brittle. By replacing powder bleach, 1 STEP Paste Bleach Plex is more gentle on the hair, has approx. 8 levels of lift and is safer for the hairdresser