Thermal Funnelling – The Science Behind the Product

The C.P.S. Thermal funnelling system is one of the major inventive steps in our internationally granted patent.

We conducted scientific tests which show that our system significantly improves heat distribution throughout the hair when compared to other known salon procedures.

For example, when foils are used in a colouring process, our tests showed that heat inside the package, generated by the dye chemicals, is retained at the scalp and does not spread evenly. Therefore, colour results can also be uneven.

However when the C.P.S system is used, heat is distributed evenly throughout the length of the hair from root to tip. Excess heat is released through the top of the shader and therefore does not get trapped at the roots. The system allows natural scalp heat to be evenly retained and distributed across the whole of the hair. The finished result is more uniform and the whole process is speedy without the need for an external source of heat.

High Lights With Foils

Picture 1

High Lights With Foils

Picture 1 shows a controlled experiment using silver foil with just conditioner. This shows us how silver foil dissipates the heat without any interference caused by the heat from the chemical reaction that occurs during most salon colouring procedures. This image show the temperature of the scalp to be 33.4°C and the temperature on the outside of the foils to be at 24.7°C. (Normal skin temperature: 35°C)

High Lights With Foils

Picture 2

High Lights With Foils

We can see from Picture 2, that the silver foil doesn’t either retain or diffuse any heat at all without the colour’s own chemical reaction. The silver foil contents are 23.7°C. This is close to room temperature. This image was taken immediately after the foil had been opened. It shows the scalp to be 10°C hotter than the hair tips.(Normal skin temperature is 35°C) Hair product had been on for at least 30 minutes.

The CPS funnel system after ten minutes

Picture 3

The CPS funnel system after ten minutes

We can see from Picture 3, approximately ten minutes after the dye had been applied the outer funnel was removed. It shows the end of the hair to have held the same temperature as the scalp.

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