Health and Safety and Environmental Factors

C.P.S. & the Environmen

When creating the C.P.S. we have considered the impact of all disposable items on the environment, not only in landfill, but also how their production impacts on climate change. Therefore no metal is used and the vast majority of the elements of our product are recycable.

The C.P.S is manufactured in Europe and undergoes strict carbon emissions tests and complies with all EU regulations.

Our shaders are made from PET(polyethylene teraphthalate) and are 100% recyclable.

Health and Safety

The C.P.S guidance issued with the product is clear about the appropriate use of gloves and effective client care.

C.P.S. is a disposable product and should not be used for more than one application.

C.P.S. cannot be held responsible for any application made without the hair technician having attended training.





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