Q. What is Colour Placement?

A. The terminology we use to include all the variations to a base colour, i.e. colour slice, a few
foils in a selected area, colour panelling etc. In fact most of the professional colour techniques
applied in the market today can be referred to as colour placement.

Q. What is the percentage of colour placement used in the current market?

A. Between 30% and 40%
This percentage is based on reviews at 20 salon across Europe, internet and other such research.

Q. What is C.P.S. (Colour Placement System )?

A. It is a new set of tools that enable us to use up to six colours at the same time, with high precision, in selected areas

Q. Which client group can it apply to?

A. Anybody from the age of 15 to 60 years.

Q. Can it be used with the products of any colour house?

A. Yes, with any professional colour house products (gel, cream, bleach etc.)

Q. How can C.P.S. help the student?

A. The cps will help the student in many different ways. Such as:
Confidence: The student will feel more confident as the basic system is design systematically.
Skill level: The beauty of the C.P.S. is that you can be taught on any level and create the perfect result.
Creativity: Having to learn a new colour placement system will give the student a tool to be more creative and place up to 6 different colours .
Work place: One of the most important advantages of the C.P.S. is that once they leave the course the student can search for employment, having a unique system that can generate income with little experience.

Q. Can the C.P.S. increase the revenue for a salon?

A. Most certainly. Our Colour Placement System (C.P.S.) has been developed to increase the ratio of additional colouring in a salon without replacing or compromising any of the existing colour services.

If you have any further questions about the C.P.S please visit our forum and we will endeavour to provide the answers you need.

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