Benefits of the C.P.S


The speed of application is one of the most important features of the C.P.S. It takes between just 10 and 30 minutes, depending the number of shaders.


By using the C.P.S you can increase hourly colour ratio income by an average of 100%.

Thermal funnelling

Heat rising from the head is trapped in the shader; this creates thermal funnelling and the optimum environment for colour to develop, without the need for any external heat.


There are five different sizes of shader to chose from and each can apply one or more colours, meaning you can create a new look every time.


With the C.P.S the art of shading hair provides a unique opportunity for a colourist to apply up to six different colours or treatments at the same time.


Our shaders are made of 100% recyclable transparent plastic that allow you to visually monitor the colouring progress.


The application of different colours is easy with the C.P.S. and there is no worry of bleeding or mixing the tone.


All of the colour, from the last shader to the first, can be washed out at the same time. This saves a lot of water. We are very conscious of the amount of water we use in our industry and strive to eliminate excess wastage.


Each of the six specially designed shader separation tools allow you to retouch exactly the same section where the colour was applied before, making regrowth easy to colour.


Our affiliated academies provide a unique opportunity for new and established professional colourists to expand their knowledge of colour and enhance their creativty. In the current market, different techniques are taught and used, but with the same old tools, (foils, spatulas, combs, etc.). The C.P.S. offers a unique and creative alternative.

Level of Colouring Skill

The C.P.S does not need an especially high level of colouring skill for its use and application, which can later be replicated with accuracy.

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