Client Consultation

We at CPS would like to introduce you to a new Approach to the client consultations,using our unique the 3 step technique.


Step 1)   Creating your Vision

Consider the client’s life style-

Ask key questions to your client, your vision maybe impractical for them to maintain.

Read their presentation- do they take the time or have the time within their daily routines to recreate a complex style or is it just ‘wash and run’.

The clients face shape and skin colouring-

Your client may have a warm or cool tone to their complexion.

Ensure their colour dimensions are enhanced by the colours you suggest.

The first separation of hair is ‘key’ to your placement of colour as CPS works with the contour of the client head shape.

The client hair condition

Your knowledge is key by accurately analysing the clients hair texture, growth, type of hair will eliminate causing damage, which could impact on your signature look.


Step 2)   Explain your Vision

Use familiar, common or everyday words-

Your client may not have knowledge of colouring processes and as a first consultation using CPS you may need to ensure your client is at ease.

Use photos or a specially designed prop to help your client visualise

Your colour house will have provided you with presentation colour samples charts and possibly swatches of hair. However as you are using the medium that suits your client’s hair we suggest using swatches of salon coloured hair that can be placed directly in the hair of the client.

The more creative you can be will help your client to understand and build a visual picture of the designed style.

CPS has created a range of pre designed ready to be download, style cards to assist you and your client for easy reference.


Be sure that the client fully understands the result

A little is sometimes more, a saying that is more than often true, CPS has amazing potential for every client but we all have clients that need the benefit of our advice.


Step 3)   Producing your Vision

Use the CPS client record card

Record the client’s choices and ensure you build a full history of what products have been used as well as processing times, likes and dislikes.

By doing this accurately and in detail as a technician you will be able to recreate and present options for the client in the future.    

Know your colour

CPS can be used in conjunction with semi, permanent and quisui colours, either in creams or gels.

It is important to mix and time your products to perfection and in accordance to the appropriate colour house guidelines.

Be mindful of enhancing your innovation with other salon services such as high and low lights for dramatic extra effects.


Be clean and precise

Before you start, remember your service is a reflection on you and your salon.

By delivering an accurate quality service you will personally enhance the overall customer experience and the effect of your designed style.

Set up your CPS guides and protectors; mix your colours ready for a simple and quick application before adding additional salon services. 




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1) Download the 360 TECHNIQUE TEMPLATE PDF

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